U-Pick Cherries

U-Pick Cherries at Everyday Farms2022 U-pick SEASON

This year’s bloom was a bit behind schedule, but with more rain and some sunny days we anticipate that we will be open in Clavet starting the first week of August and in Bruno starting on Bruno
Cherry Sunday – August 7th 2022

Cherries are best picked in the morning before the temperature rises about 20 degrees Celsius. Evening picking is better on cool days than on hot ones.

Bring your 4 litre pails, water bottle, sunscreen and mosquito spray. If you forget your pails, we will have a limited supply of empty 10 litre pails for you to purchase.

Watch our social media for additional details.

2022 Pricing

A 4 litre pail of cherries generally weighs 6 pounds – a great price for fresh local produce!