About Us

Prairie Fruit Processors Ltd, and Everyday Farms are owned and operated by Merv and Jocelyn Zurevinsky.
We both grew up on grain farms and ran our own acres until 2007 when we began to look for options for diversifying the operation. Membership in the Saskatchewan Fruit Growers Association led us to cherries, and the game fence was built in 2009 in preparation for 2010 planting. We are proud to grow the Romance Series of Tart cherries, bred by the University of Saskatchewan to be prairie hardy. (https://research-groups.usask.ca/fruit/Fruit%20crops/sour-cherries.php).


Fast forward to 2023, and we are doing massive renewal pruning both at home and at St Terese in Bruno. Ask us about the process – its been a steep learning curve! You will see the different stages in both orchards – waiting for pruning, and one year, two years and three years after cutting.


Our promise is to provide quality products and services. Our goal is to see Saskatchewan’s cherry industry grow, so we support the Canadian Cherry Producers Inc and the Saskatchewan Fruit Growers Association (https://saskfruit.ca/).


Cherry Harvest at Everyday Farms