About Us

Merv and Jocelyn Zurevinsky of Everyday Farms

We are proud growers and sharers of the University of Saskatchewan developed Romance Series of Tart cherries, bred to be prairie hardy. Their intense flavor makes them a healthy and versatile addition to everyone’s daily menu.

Prairie Fruit Processors Ltd was established in 2008 by nine cherry growers as a toll pitting company, offering pitting and packaging services to Saskatchewan Cherry Growers. Over the next 9 years, PFPL grew to add Everyday Farms brand Tart Cherry products to share the taste of the University of Saskatchewan Tart Cherries with consumers.

In 2017, Merv and Jocelyn Zurevinsky became the sole owners of the company. We are proud to continue to offer toll pitting services, and retail products, as well as providing wholesale cherries to pie makers and eateries in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

We are proud to grow cherries in our orchard at home, as well as in other locations in Saskatchewan. Our home orchard will be open this year for U Pick.

Our promise is to provide quality products and services. Our goal is to see the cherry industry grow in Saskatchewan, so we support the Canadian Cherry Producers Inc and the Saskatchewan Fruit Growers Association.

Cherry Harvest at Everyday Farms
Harvesting Cherries

Cherry Harvest at Everyday Farms